Local drive scanning

I have a WD TV and WD TV Live.

When I start the WD TV, it recognizes that no changes have been made to the local drive and displays the folders immediately.

With the WD TV Live, it always needs to rescan the local drive even when no changes have been made.

Can the same logic be used on the WD TV Live and save the scanning time?

In my experience rescan time depends a lot on the amount of content on the drive. My 40 GB iPod initially took ~5 min to scan in its entirety. Whenever I plug it back it takes approximately 10-15 sec to make sure nothing has changed. With a 1-GB USB key, both first scan and rescan are almost immediate when the number of files is low.


that happens because wdtv don’t have network interface

@neutro, without the network bug, with over 150 GB of data on the drive, it takes 5 secs to connect