Local Channel source

I just ordered a WD Live Plus package (box and remote). With Hulu Plus and Netflix, I am close to cutting the cable, woohoo!! However, I need to overcome one last hurdle. LOCAL CHANNELS! I am not trying to get free basic cable or anything, just the channels that would be free in my area via rabbit ears (now w/ digital converter box). So basically I want to stream the free abc, cbs, nbc, pbs, and the 3 or 4 other random free stations you get with an antenna. I have searched and searched and searched trying to figure this out and I just don’t know what service to use or what to do. It looked like a site named Titan TV offers a tv guide style interface for local channels in your area and then links to stream those to your computer (via tvvi/tvpi files). Can I use this with my WD Live Plus box? If not, what are my options for streaming the antenna channels to my box without installing a tuner card and antenna? I should note I also have a Linux box I could possibly stream to and then use mediatomb to transcode it and share to my network to also get these channels to my box. I don’t know if that would be possible or even feasible but it was just an idea I had if the box doesn’t directly integrate with some sort of avenue for local antenna channels.

Ok, so I think Titan tv and others are a service that only provides TV guide info not the stream itself. Not sure how I missed that tidbit of info.
So is there any service that just offers streams of the local channels in your area that would be free anyway via antenna/converter box? Or is this kind of what skitter tv is working on? Is my only option to get an antenna and converter box and something like the hauppauge USB?