Loading the live book with files

anyone got any tips on how to do this quicker than i , im getting slow transfer speed 6MB max at the moment , quite new to this and looking for some advice really, WD promised much better transfer rates , im doing this wirelessly and from my laptop , would giving the book a static ip improve this , or opening the ports on the router (easiersaid than done ) im using bt home hub 3.0 , cheers

6mb/sec through wifi, is pretty much the maximum speed with common equipment… if you want something faster, you should try wired connection with gigabit ethernet

ok thanks , ive linked the laptop up to try wired but only seem to be able to connect wirelessly , how do i switch between wired or wireless , not very network savvy here .

I have read-write 11/12 MB/S on Wifi, and o cable GBPS i have read 50 MB/S and write 36 MB/S :expressionless:

so much better than im getting , how im on bt infinity home hub 3 , any suggestions large files are taking forever to move , theres got to be a faster way . would ethernet to hub be much faster .

You need a Gigabit router and Gigabit network adapter, I have TP-Link TL-WR1043ND.

on the router im using it has a port for GIGe which im using surley thats what your on about?

I don’t thinks so… what router do you have?

You must have all the router ports Gigabite. Gigabite means 1000 Mbps not 100 Mbps.

the BT home hub 3.0  no sure of its abilities , think ill upgrade to a new router then be a few quid well spent

Well your actual router it’s kind of old, you need some good router who have Gigabite on all ports not just one…

I saw you have ADSL, so i search for you a good router, if you found that router in shops, buy it : TP-Link TD-W8970

just been offered the new bt home hub 5 for £6.95, it a step up from the three , should transfer at a better rate ?