Loading music cd's to My Cloud 4T

Please, I can’t stress this enough: DON’T RIP TO A LOSSY FORMAT.  You have a a 4TB drive. It will hold about 10000 albums ripped to lossless FLAC.

Once you have ripped to a lossless format, you can transcode to your heart’s (or device’s) desire.

My ears are shot due to tinnitus, but I can tell the difference between FLAC and the highest quality, 320kbps MP3.

ps. I have 62 thousand tracks, and counting. Do you realise how long it took to rip them…?  Fortunately, I chose to rip to lossless when I started. I would NOT want to do it again because I chose to throw away quality on a lossy format. Some of my friends ripped to 128kbps MP3, and sorely regret it. They can’t face the re-ripping tasks, though…

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If you’re targetting an iThing, look for Apple Lossless Audio Coding, ALAC.


What music do you have and want to load to your Cloud? If it is Apple Music, I am afraid you can’t for Apple Music is DRM-protected. However, if you just use for personal use, there is a way to go. You can use TuneFab Apple Music Converter to remove the DRM so that you can load it. Whatever, I never try this, but you can have a try!

If you can’t load the music, maybe the format is not supported. I encountered similar problem before, but I use the audio to audio converter to convert the songs to MP3, now it works perfectly to transfer the songs.