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Recently purchased the WDtv live. So I plug in the power supply and my hdmi cable and my passport external drive250gb). The menus are nice easy and clear to use, so ill give the product points for that, however looks aren’teverything- it needs to work too. (

All my files are in avi format. I have five 250gb passports and one 2 tb my book essential. Up until this point I havebeen playing my passport drives through my xbox and mybook through my computer as it’s not recognized by my xbox.

I looked into getting something so I could play all on a separate system and I was lead to the wdtv live. I thought it seems simple enough and the geek squad lead me to believe it was that simple then why not give it a shot.

I thought wrong.

As I said in the beginning it has power, its plugged into a hdmi connection and I’m utilizing it with a passport that is inperfect working order but it wont load any files to play. I am able to navigate all these pretty menus but when I find anitem (any item) to play it just continues on the loading circle and eventually goes to a “WD” screen saver.

Remember, avi file which on the side of the box it said it supports.

So I eject my passport and power off the system, then plug it into my xbox and watch a movie with no issues. Go backto take another stab at the wdtv live and it does not work. This is frustrating. I now plug into my ethernet cable to myrouter and still nothing. Just loading… Loading… Loading… I assume.

So tell me, what’s the problem?

I purchased this for ease of use and I want to keep it as maintenance free as possible. I don’t want to alwaysdownload and keep in date with the newest updates because really that’s just a hassle at this point especially when Iam only playing the one type of file.

Is this an easy fix for someone whose not very tech savvy?

I ask because if it isn’t, and this doesn’t do what the box says then why would I keep it? Ill just go return the thing if it’sthat temperamental and make sure to pass on the discouraging word.

AVI is a container.

The codec used inside the container also has to match what the box says are supported codecs (both Audio and Video.)

Post the MEDIAINFO for one of these files and we’ll take a look.


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so 3 of my passports work now and my mybook and a thumbdrive. however one of the passports just does that loading thing. and when i have this drive plugged in and another one, in any combination then none of them work.

i guess it’s the one passport drive?

ill try to back it up then wipe it and start from scratch and go from there