"Loading" forever and Samsung TV resets, WONT PLAY

I own a 3TB MBL and a samsung LN40C650L tv. Both the drive and the TV are hardwired to the network. I can find the drive on media player and all share, and can see all the video and audio files on the drive. When I try playing a .mp3 through media player, no problem. However when I try playing a .m4v or a .mp4 video, the scren comes up, says “loading” for 3 min and then the tv resets, no video…

Someone said it is because Twony 6.0 isn’t on the MBL?

Any advice!? I’d rather not have to return the drive!

Heh…  if the TV actually RESETS, that sounds like it’s CRASHING.   I’d be looking at Samsung for help.   A TV should never “Crash.”

The strange thing is I can stream from my laptop, but not the my book live.