Loading files to Mycloud

I have created a new file, I then added images to it. I can’t see the images yet if i use iPad or iPhone app I can see everything as normal.

Any ideas


@Presstog1 How are you trying to view the images when you can’t see them?

Are you saying they appear as they should when you view them with your iPad or iPhone?

When I go into My Cloud then select Public, then to find files then select the file I want to view the file isn’t present.

Don’t put your email address on an open forum.

You do realise this is a user forum, and not WD Support, right?

What sort of file? How are the images embedded in it? How are viewing it when not using the iThing?

Log in > Public > Pictures > select any folder > double click on a named file which opens and all jpegs are displayed.

I can get to all my folders and the one I have just created is there but when I click on it it opens but nothing in there.