Load/unload Cycle Count

how do i get the total Load/unload Cycle Count on my two wd caviar hard drive (is that the value i need to monitor). i ask since i have read on here about issues with this hard drive starting and stoping every 8 seconds if data is not being wrote.

crystaldiskinfo shows current  the following

disk 1 (wd20ears)

current 194 worst 194 threshold 0.  raw value of 000000004DC4 (does this mean lifetime of 19908)

disk 2 (wd10eacs)

current 198 worst 198 threshold 0. raw value of 00000000195C (does this mean lifetime of 6492)

if i am reading the program correctly my load/unload doesnt look too bad for around 1 year which means i dont think i would have to run wdidle3.exe

please let me know what you guys think

Hello, the thread below might help you.