Load Unload Cycle Count run too high on one of my MyBook drives


suddenly LCC value started to grow rapidly on one of my MyBook drives…and in couple of months it even trespassed 300000 which should be the lifetime maximum (regarding the datasheet). There’s however still no sign of suspicious behaviour (knocking, random drive disconnecting, filesystem errors etc…). Should I fear for my data and can I trust the drive furthermore? Among other things I keep on it my system partition backups. Anyway curious what made the heads load cycle to grow so rapidly. It only had over 10000 LCC before and the drive is in warranty still…

11-6-2012 9-01-50.png

Last time I checked there was an app to decrease LCC 

don’t think it was for external drives… 

Let me do some digging

The Wdidle3 utility doesnot recognize MyBook drives.