Load Unload Cycle Count ~~ Head Parking ~~ Spindle Motor Stop

Hi, I heared about WD Green Line up’s problem. (When Idle Time is after 8 seconds, heads are parked.)

I told about this to someone, and he said when head parking occurs, then spindle motor stop!

he also said it occurs to reduce power consumption.

I thought when spindle stoped, and restart, it has to spin-up. And this situation needs more power consumption.

But he afresh said, Green line up is just 5.4K RPM. So they don’t need to spin up hasty.

Their purpose are low power consumption, low performance, so it doesn’t matter.

Well, I think very often spin up and head park is stress to component, and increase power consumption.

What do you think about this topic?

Horible feature in the drive.  You can see it in the load_cycle_count in the SMART data (use smartmontools).  Disable this behavior with hdparm:

hdparm -S 242 /dev/sdX