Load firmware on new hard disk WD Elements Play

Hello all,

I have a rather old WD Elements Play WDBNLC0020HBK-00 multimedia drive. This has been working well till recently the hard disk crashed. I replaced it with a new WD disk, but I do not get the menu options I used to get with the original hard drive. Possibly some software or firmware has to be loaded on to this new disk, I cannot find the same. I have tried the new firmware update method provided on the site, but nothing happens - all I get is the WD logo on the TV. Can someone please let me know how to resolve this issue and get the WD settings and menu options back? I contacted WD technical support but they refused to assist me as I had changed the hard disk on my one, even though it was a new WD disk!!!

Managed to get the setup back by using the reset button.

Thanks to all, this may be closed