Load cycle count

I have heard of some issue with head-parking causing short life expectancy of WD hard-drives. I have also heard of some ‘widdle’ utility to fix it.

I have two WD drives in my desktop, both storage drives (not OS):

WD20EARS-00K99B0 (5 months - power on hours count = 2171) and WD20EARX-00AZ6B0 (2 mths old - power on hours count=624).

HDTune says Load Cycle count :
Data = 11275 for the WD20EARS and
Data = 14342 for the WD20EARX (strange that this is higher despite drive being newer?)

What is the ‘widdle’ utility, does it work on my drives and if so is it recommended?
Also is my load cycle count high or low or normal?


Well as far as I know all the Green Drives are compatible with the utility, however is strongly recommended that you contact WD directly to get the step by step instructions to use the tool.