LiveWire (WDBABY0000NBK)

Hi all,

I have two of the above devices in my home and was happliy getting a good 30Mb broadband from my router -> LiveWire -0> LiveWire -> Desktop.  I have upgraded my broadband speed from 30Mb to 60Mb but still my desktop would only download at 30Mb.

I used the LiveWire ap plication and cuold see a connection between the routers of over 110Mb but I cannot understand why my connection to my desktop machine will only pull down at 30Mb.

I am using a 4-way gang plug (just a socket multiplier, not surge) to power both LiveWire devices as my house was built in the mid 80’s and has no double sockets.  I am not sure if this is the problem and can only presume 4-ways adapters are not built to the highest quality thus the use of them is not preferred but I still have limited speed at my desktop no matter what the diagnostics say.


  1. Does anyone have any idea why this is so limited in speed?

  2. Why are extension plugs not recommended?

Big thanks

The recommended setup is the wall outlet but they should work on the extension cord

is recommended to connect direct to the wall since the performance can drop when connected to an extension more if it’s a long cord

To verify if the issue is being caused by your electrical connections, I suggest you to test the LIvewire units  in another location to see if you receive the same results.

It’s defo a problem with the use of a 4 way and/or wiring as I get a full 198Mb with both devices plugged in to the same 4 way extender.  I was just curious why extenders can cause transfer speed issue’s but I am now aware it has a lot to do with intereferance from everyting else plugged in to that same 4 way.

I presume a double wall socket on the same ring but with one plug socket dedicated to the LiveWire plugged still would not suffer?

Thanks :O)

It may not be the extender itself, it might be one of the devices that is attached to the extender.

Plug the extender back into the wall outlet with NOTHING plugged into it except the LiveWire and see if you can determine what is doing it.

Good point - process by elimination!

The homeplug  upstairs is in a 4 way with 1 x monitor and 1 x PC, no other equipment! *however* downstairs where my broadband comes in is a muddle of a router, DECT phones, SMART TV’s, TiVo, Hi-Fi, Xbox, Wii. Phew!

So downstairs looks pretty messy until I turn my single socket in to 2 double sockets.  But again I will elimitae the culprit down stairs for sure.