Livewire vlans


I’ve bought a set of WD Livewire’s. I have a setup with a vlan (one for digital tv and one for regular lan). Now when I only use the livewires for the digital tv all works perfect. So from my router to livewire1 and from livewire2 to digital tv decoder.

Now when I plug a cable for the lan part in livewire1 and plug my nas in the livewire2, my wireless becomes inacessible (is configured on the router, same device) Also the digital tv starts to lag.

When I check the wd config tool it shows 170 mb/s. now my internet only can handle 30mb/s. digital tv takes about 12 for high def.

Anoyone has an idea what to do? Can de livewire handle vlans? I thought I read somewhere it could.

Thank you

How are you setting VLANs on a TV?   I’ve never seen a TV that does VLAN tagging…

What do you mean by “Now when I plug a cable for the lan part in livewire1”

… a cable connected to the Livewire and … what?


I live in belgium, our internet providers here can also provide tv. The modem/router that they provide (I have a bbox2: (couldn’t find another english site, if I find one I will post it here). The signals for TV and Internet are seperated and put onto vlans, see image. The tv signals then go to a decoder that is connected with hdmi to  a tv. On the bbox2 there are 4 ports, 2 for tv and 2 for regular lan.

bbox2 status.png

I’ve added another image where I show how I want the layout. I also have an old switch, which I can hang in between the livewire2 and nas. Is this doable?


Wow.  I have no idea.  I’ve never seen a setup like that.