Livewire Utility not accepting password

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the following problem:

The Livewire utility does not accept the device password. I have double-checked that I have correctly entered the password printed on the underside of the remote unit.

I have installed the latest version of the Livewire utility (Version 1.0.3 build 005). My Livewire devices are synced correctly and getting a data rate of around 150 to 160Mbit/s.

I have tried swapping the local and remote units but the Livewire utility rejects the password in both cases.

Any suggestions on what to try next?


I have just purchased a LiveWire today.  I have tried the exact same things, and am getting the same results as the original poster.  Other than the password, it seems to be working fine.

I have just tested the Livewire utility on WinXP and Win7-32bit and it works correctly (no password problem). I still cannot get it to work correctly on Win7-64bit.

I suspect that the Livewire devices are accepting the password correctly but the Livewire utility is incorrectly displaying the password error (e.g. “Not xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx”).

Try right-clicking on the WD Livewire Utility and run as Administrator. I had the same problem and this worked for me. I’m using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Hi Ali

Thanks - this solves my problem!

I found that if you first try running the WD Livewire Utility in non-administrator mode, then it will not subsequently work in Administrator mode without rebooting your PC. I also found that if you run WD Livewire Utility twice, in administrator mode, it will always give the password error on the second time that you run it. Weird!