Livewire streaming issue


I was hoping someone could help me with a problem I don’t understand. 

I bought a powerline kit yesterday and installed it and it seems to be working really well. I have one kit set up next to my router and desktop and the other in the next room set up near my WDTV live. The Livewire utility tells me that my rate is reasonably good and varies from about 120Mbps through to 186Mbps. 

My issue is that I have a M2TS file with a bit rate of 21.371mbps which stutters when I play it through the WDTV. It will play perfectly for about 2 minutes and then the sound gods and the picture starts skipping. 

I don’t understand why this is happening, especially if the Livewire utility speed is (at a minimum) nearly 6 times that rate.

There is only the desktop, the router, and the WDTV plugged into the livewire kit, other devices connect to the router wirelessly. 

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot in advance.

If you’ve done more research since you posted you probably found that the speed indicated by the Livewire utility is not what you’ll see in real life.  It seems 200 mpbs adapters will likely give real life numbers closer to 40 mbps tops and most users agree that might work for streaming 720p but not nearly enough to stream 1080p reliably.

I suspect the 21 mbps of your M2TS file is an average and actually streaming requirements could peak as high as 80 mbps when high quality audio is included. 

If you’ll be using the powerline network adapters for streaming M2TS maybe you should return the Livewire and get at least the 500 mbps-rated adapters - maybe even look at the newer gigabit adapters or MoCA.

Good luck with your project.