Livewire not compatible with Airport Express?


As I see on the manual, I have to connect   livewire to the router    . The router has also to be connected to the DSL modem.
The problem is that there is only one Ethernet Port on my router (Airport Express). Does this mean that Livewire is not compatible with Airport Express?

Can I do something using the USB port on AirportExp?

Thank you for your help!

Sorry for the confusion but the airport express is not a router.  Its a modem. You need to have a router to connect the Livewire.

A modem gives you internet access the router gives you networking seeing 2 or more computers on your network.

Both your airport express AND the WD Livewire should be connected at the same time to a router as the documentation states.

Oh thanks and sorry. You’re right! Then I still have the same problem. There is only one Ethernet Input on my TP-Link router… Which is busy. :frowning:


Well that device is a PLC device from apple. Which means they have there own configureation for there products. I would suggest you purchase another router for that Livewire something standard and well know.

Another expense. I will… :wink: