Livewire Mbps drops and does not return


I have been using the Livewire happily for 2.5 months now, but as of a week or two ago, I went from watching HD video smoothly to very choppy. I live in a townhouse with one unit is connected in my den to my D-Link 655 router while the other is in my living room connected to my WDTV Live box.

At first I tried to think what might have changed in my environment (since something must have) but unfortunately nothing comes to mind :cry:

I did some diagnostics with the WD utility and noticed that my Mbps rate was at 15. I did a reset of all the devices as well as added firmware to my router. This I thought corrected the issue since I then noticed the rate back to 87 Mbps and everything was again streaming nicely (using the same videos). Unfortunately, the next day the rate dropped again to 13 and I know I did not change anything.

I tried a number of different plug outlets in my home, tried different network cables and also did all the resets again…still nothing bumped the speed back up. Oddly enough when I tried to enter in a password to one of the livewire devices (again in the ultility), it said it was incorrect even though I triple checked the info under the box.

Are there any additional settings I should need in my router (I wouldn’t think so but I am out of ideas) or could it mean that one (or both) of the PL boxes are toast?

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Generally throughput different reading could be caused by some “noise generating equipment” electrical appliances running and these devices will induced noises into your powerline and this will directly degrade the througput reading. Try putting them side by side to test. If the WD Livewire are plugged side by side with each other, then the throughput reading should be around 100Mbps, because of the very short distance, the noises in the powerline would not affect much the plc througput. If you use the WD Livewire at different location (at a distance) and if they are on the same electrical phase then you may get a higher throughput, may be around 30Mbps to 50Mbps but if you plug in the WD Livewire in the different phase the throughput will somehow be much lower ie below 30Mbps. Other possibilities is that, if you plug in the WD Livewire into the surge protector, you may get the throughput reading in teens. Other possibilities for the low throughput is that, one should NOT plug the powerline adapters directly into the surge protector to protected their interconnected devices from surges. This will surely degrade the peformance of the powerline adapters. “BUT” all the above powerline inherent problems could be overcome by this gadget that this guy/company dare to make the bold claims. Check this out at YouTube, that I stumbled upon few months ago:  If what they claims are true, then I bet the PLC adapters adoption rate will flourish worldwide if ONLY WD Livewire could incorporate or retrofit this dude innovation and value add to their current existing product line.

Saluki, are you affiliated with them?

It seems a disproportionate number of your posts seem to be hawking that…

Hi TonyPh12345,

I truly apologize if my posts and intentions seemed misleading. I had nothing but truly good intentions. Please allow me to explain.

The truth of the matter is this. I’ve had the opportunity to run some real-life field tests with Surestreamer (or Powerline-Ace as these guys call it, although I don’t know what the difference is). Nonetheless, I managed to get a hold of the company responsible for this technology, and they agreed to loan me a couple of their demo units for testing purposes, after signing an NDA of course. About a day into the tests, I realized that these guys may be on to something. I’ve since repeated the field tests several times to gather more consistent data as well as to validate my initial astonishment.

In a nutshell (without going into the details I’ve already posted numerous times in this forum), prior to including Surestreamer into my setup, I could not do multiroom-HD streaming. This was attributed to many variables of course, including poor WIFI reception, blindspots, expensive Ethernet cabling and renovation, etc…the list goes on. So you can imagine my excitement when i came across Surestreamer. To be honest, I was initially extremely skeptical about Surestreamer as I’m an avid fan of Powerline Communications and know the problems this industry have been facing, but when I got my hands on a couple of their demo units and tested them, I was shocked! To cut the long story short, I can now do multi-room HD-streaming with my Aztech 200AV Powerline-Adapters, without any lag and stutter.

Having said that, you can imagine my frustration when these guys told me that Surestreamer is not for sale yet and that I couldn’t buy over the demo units. This is where my frustration got the better of me. Having personally tested Surestreamer, I’ve since become a huge supporter and began to over-zealously recommend Surestreamer to several parties (including Powerline-adapter manufacturers), in an attempt to try and expedite the launching of Surestreamer. This is one such case. Again, I must truly apologize to you and to all in this community. I am a mere gizmo-geek who got a little carried away in my quest for wanting to get a hold of this technology. I hope you can understand where I’m coming from.

Again my sincerest apologies if I’ve caused any inconvenience to anyone. 

Warmest Regards,