Livewire download slower than upload

My internet connection is 30mbps dl and 5mbps ul.  I have the livewire kit with two adapters, one to the router and one in another room.  The one in the other room is experiencing slow download speed, around 4mbps or less.  The upload speed is around 5mbps.  Is there anyway to increase the download speed.  I did a speed test from my laptop to the router and it is at the stated isp speed provided.  What can I do to increase the dl speed in the other room?

You could try testing on a different outlet.

The overall performance will depend on conditions of the connections.

Check the following thread for more information:

Thank you for the information.  Would buying a powerline noise filter help?  If so, what brand and model is best for Livewire?

I tested the 2 adapters on the same outlet and they both work fine.  I did a speed test and it showed the max dl and ul as the isp plan.

I checked the breaker panel and saw the bedrooms on a arc fault breaker braf.  Would this cause the slowdown of dl speed from one bedroom to the other?