Livewire; can modem connect to 1st Livewire connecting wireless router to 2nd Livewire?

My internet cable enters my house downstairs only. It is connected to to the cable modem, which connected to our wireless router (Link sys e1200), which in turn is connected to the first WD Livewire. 

The second Livewire is upstairs connected to a Slingbox and a Directv-TiVo.

We have a WD TV Live and a Roku as well as laptops, tablets and phones which connect wirelessly.

Though everything works with this setup, it would by MUCH better to have the wireless router upstairs closer to all our devices. I’ve tried changing the setup by connecting the modem directly to the downstairs Livewire and connecting our wireless router to the upstairs Livewire, but could not get it to work, went back to the original setup with it downstairs and everything worked again. I tried a second time with the same result.

So my question is: How can I use the Livewires to bring my wireless router from downstairs to upstairs so that all our devices can be much closer to our router?

In theory it “could” work.  The problem is the setup/power up sequence I think.  I am not a livewire expert.

If you have auto WAN configuration, meaning your existing linksys router does not have any special passwords/logon information for your ISP inside, it should work.

This guy did it…

It worked here…

and here…

Also here

  1. Unplug all power

  2. Plug livewire into modem Ethernet

  3. Plug other livewire into router upstairs

  4. Power up router, then livewires, then sync livewires

  5. Power up modem last

The problem is the modem IP address or livewire Ip address.  I think you need to power everything up in a sequence in order to make it work for the first time.

Understand that the livewire network is pure WAN, no NAT firewall, no security, etc…   At this point.  If you manage to make it work, be careful plugging anything else into live wires.  If your modem only has a single IP address, or no DHCP, you will be limited to a single device on the livewire network.  Example - Coax>Modem>Livewire>Router>all other devices.

Your router needs to handle all of the other devices.