Livewire browser problem

Hey guys,

I recently purchased a WD Livewire Kit model no: WDBABY0000NBK. I have set it all up correctly using the procedure shown on the diagram and on the CD, but whenever I try browsing the internet through any browser I can’t seem to load anything. However when I use a game client like Steam to download a game it works perfectly fine giving me a fairly good connection.

My router is downstairs in our study and my computer is upstairs in my room, as they are on different circuits would this be the problem?

I was hoping the powerline would simply give me a better download speed and ping levels but it doesn’t seem as easy as people tell you :/ 

No, different circuits shouldn’t be an issue.

And if “Steam” is accessing games through the internet, that verifies that the connection is working properly.

What errors are you getting when you try to browse using a web browser?

I get this error when I try browsing on google chrome: Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset. 

For some reason it now works with certain websites like, ebay (although slowly) and google shopping. But with other websites like WD Community, overclock3d forums and it comes up with that error.

Should I just send it back to the shop and stick with wireless as the download speed through Steam is actually lower then it was over wireless and the ping times are around the same?