Live365 Sign-In Each Time

When using the Live365 App I have to sign in every time I switch my WD Live TV box on. Once signed I can exit the app and restart the app and in it remains signed in until I turn the device off. I mention this because the TuneIn app signs me in automatically when I start the app for the first time since powering up the device. It might seem like a petty complaint, but I love Live365 and I’ve got a number of my preset channels set up on the remote using the preset shortcuts. However, when I first turn the WD box on I’ve got to go into the app, go to My Presets to sign in before I can use the preset shortcuts, which kind of defeats the idea of being a shortcut?! So is this a bug with the Live365 app or did the app writers intend it to be different to the TuneIn app?

Not sure dude

lets hope the users of that app chime in