Live TV Slingplayer APP not compatible with M!

Ok this is a new one on me with the WDTV live media player.

So I just bought the new Slingbox M1 and I was pretty excited due to teh easy setup, it took less than 7 minutes.  Then I tried to connect with the SlingPlayer app on the WDTV live media player.  I get a Local,Incompatible firmware in the directory.  Does anyone know why this would be happening but more importantly how does one fix this.  

If any WDTV live support personnel respond, please detail when this will no longer be incompatible as this is very disappointing that the new shinning box is basically a power draining device if I want to use the Slingplayer app on the WDTV live system.  Oh and BTW it works on my computer, iPhone, & iPad so this is not a network connectivity issue.  

Thank yo


Sorry to inform you that the Slingbox M1 might not be fully compatible with the WDTV Live Streaming as is not listed on the list of supported devices for the WDTV Live Streaming.

Thank you for the quick response.  I can understand how the device is not listed as a supportable device at this time.  However, what would be good to know is if the box is going to be compatible and when the new update would be added to the WDTV live firmware.

Based on this it looks like Sling are not going to support wdtv on the M1.

Very disappointing from Sling.