Live TV hub wont show usb drive in files

Recently my Live TV hub has being doing something odd-   when i plug a usb thumb drive or hard drive in it says connecting to usb but then wont show the drive under the “files” listing.   Took me a whiel to realise it will show the usb movies under “videos” section.    Doesnt matter what the usb is- tried numerous drives and sticks.

I bought the Live Hub used and it had heaps of movies on it- it always seems to be compiling when I turn it on,  Ive added maybe a dozen movies to it in new directory

Anything i can do to correct the usb recognition issue.  Firmware is up to date i believe

If the USB is showing up in “VIDEOS” but not in “FILES” sounds like the “Content Source” for Files is probably set to " Internal Storage" instead of “All Local Storage

Press the Red Button … keyboard_shortcut_key_red.png to change the setting (Content Source)

If it’s *Always* compliing … try

  1. Clearing your Media Library (This will rebuild it, if there’s any glitches)  Setup > System > Media Library > Clear

  2. Disable the Media Library   Setup > System > Media Library > Off