Live Tv.... help me some problems?

Hi at all, i am new for this forum, i hope to but this WD LIVE TV, some questions, help me ….

  1. i read that is hot ! why WD not put an Holes or a fan cooler air-flow inside ?

2)Read or not the old Dvix video ( version 5.05 or older ) ?

  1. IMPORTANT read the MPEG-2 PS video by tv dtt decoder ?

  2. very bad that not have a usb port 3.0 !!!

  3. What is the lastes update FW ?

  4. Is possible to update no via internet (wi-fi) but with pendrive via usb socket ?

7)It’s true that the remote control is very bad and not function ok ???

  1. How O.S. used ? linux or what ?

Thanks for all help…. I am new and not a expert, best                      mery

  1.  Because it doesn’t need them.

  2.  I don’t know.

  3.  I don’t know.

  4.  Why on earth would it need USB 3.0???  The maximum supported video bitrate is 40mb/sec.   USB 2.0 is 10x that.

  5.  1.01.30.

  6.  Yes.

  7.  No.

  8.  Internally, it’s linux.


NONE say to me if read the  DVR video or the video MPEG-2 PS from decoder tv ?

and read or not the old Dvix veriosn 5.05 or later ???

none ??


PS where i downlad the update FW to put into a pendrive usb ?  please send to me the link ?