Live TV doesn't recognize LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive USB 2.0 320GB

My Live TV doesn’t recognize my LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive USB 2.0 320GB.

It spins, but USB light doesn’t turn on and it doesn’t appear.

Is there something I can do?

Hi dude!

You could try to reformat your drive just to make sure it is clean… Other than that, it may not be compatible with your media player since it is a portable drive and may not get the power it needs to work (Even if the light turns on, it does not mean it has enough power)…

If power problem, have you got a powered usb hub to borrow, plug the hub into the WDTV and plug the hard disk into the powered hub and try again to see if it is a power problem.

I have tried connecting it through aux power but doesn’t work.

I have also tried another usb controller-enclosure. again doesn’t work.

The HDD is an Hitachi HTS545032B9A300.

Could you fix it?

I found that the drive was nor correctly formatted (it hasn’t a valid MBR).

Windows and other systems recognized it but TV Live and blue ray player no.

I reformatted with GParted and now works fine!