Live sync between two office locations

I have a my cloud mirror system 4tb newest one available at my current office location (location 1)that has all of my company files on and is used by 5 machines on the server.

I have just purchased another office (location 2) so is a second office and this was have three additional staff here, is there any way of a live sync between both office locations using the my cloud system.

I would want both sites to be able to access the same data on the main server and for both sites to be able to save new files into the same my cloud server

Would this be achievable in real time sync using one my cloud mirror and then a VPN network to connect both sites to the single my cloud server?

If I purchase another identical my cloud mirror for the other office then is there a way for them to live communicate with each other so all files are shared between sites?

Thanks for you help and I have searched through the forum but couldn’t see an exact solution for my query over two office locations needing live syncing and access between both


I believe this is not possible.

Take a look at the user manual.
It talks about remote backups but not remote sync. (Page # 72)

So our Church is looking to do the same thing. I talked to support today, And a 2 way sync has not been configured or tested within Western Digital. a 1 way Sync is possible using the Remote backup and Sync option. But one of your locations will be the primary read and write. Whiles the 2 locations is read only as the next scheduled sync will erase any new files on location 2. Im working on finding out how to do a 2 way sync. as I a complex system where i need all computers to be the same files and doing it manually is not working.