Live streaming problem

Hi guys can anybody help me with my problem?

i want to play movie or music from my laptop on my WDTV by sharing from windows, but is not working for me,-live

still having problems ?  provide a lot more information when asking the question

I was checking forum but there is no any resolve problems

on my laptop i have music right, and im clocking right button on mouse to open option window, where is play in WDTV

When i did that i can see that on my WDTV is that song but is not playing, but is information on the screen THIS IS SHARING CONTENT FROM WINDOWS

and thats it 

Sounds like you’re trying to “Push” content from your PC to the WDTV via DLNA / Media Server

Which is different to “Sharing”  ie. “Network Shares” … which, you share a folder, then on your WDTV play the content.

Anyways, i’ll let the experts offer adivice 

(as, i’ve only done this a few times … Successfully,  but have no idea how to troubleshoot when it doesent work for others)

I have my WD TV Live SMP on my network (Win 7 and Linux boxes).

In Win 7, when I right click on a supported file type, the Options menu has an item called ‘Play To’ which contains one entry: WDTVLive. Selecting WDTVLive caused the file to begin to play.