Live Streaming Media Player and Media Libraries

I picked up the new player earlier this week for its Mochi UI and lack of internal hard drive and I like most of it, but the one thing that isn’t working is the main reason I bought it. I have a ticket in with support but I’m hoping someone else has run into this and can help. I have 2 NASs, a DLink 323 set up in a Raid1 and a Seagate GoFlex Net with three portable drives attached, both NASs have media on them. The WDTV won’t compile either into the My Media Library. If I unplug the disks form the GoFlex and plug them directly into the WDTV, it compiles that disk, but none of the others on the network, with no problem and I get the nice dashboard with Netflix and Pandora and all my other favorites. Once I put the disk back on the network, the library and dashboard are gone and it tells me to connect a source with media library enabled.

I’ve read through the manual and I have none of the problems it lists. I do have Network Share Server and Media Library turned on in the system settings, The DLink is half full and the drives connected to the GoFlex are less than a quarter full each, all drives are set to read/write in their own settings (the select/copy/delete functions through the WDTV still work). I’ve disconnected each NAS from the network and reset the player thinking that having two was throwing it off. I just can’t make any use of the dashboard. Anyone come across this yet? I know it’s new but I’m hoping someone with the Hub may have experienced this. Same UI and all.

Wrong forum…  This is for the OLD Live, not the NEW Live.  

There is no media library functionality for NAS devices on the Live. 

So all the extended functions that depend on the media library (such as the dashboard) will not work for NAS devices.

the new Live does not support media libraries for NAS either correct? will that be added later by chance ?

I hope so…

There is a KB article about it. It looks like they had some kinda issue durring testing and removed the feature temporarily until they fixed it. Considering how often they release firmware updates (based on previous WD TV’s) I wouldn’t be surprised to see it re-added soon.