Live Plus - Windows 7 - Linksys E2000 - Sharing Issues

Was pulling my hair out trying to get shares to work after switching routers to a Linksys E2000.  Found one thread that said change the WORKGROUP name to something like WORKGROUP-NEW, and it worked for them.  That alone didn’t work for me (and not sure if it did anything at all.)  What worked for me was changing the network id setting.

Can go to system properties by: run > sysdm.cpl

Click Network ID

Click “This is a home computer; it’s not part of a business network”

I had my WDTV searching network shares for a while at that point, and right away after clicking that it showed my computer.  Not sure what the problem is, but something to do with the router not showing any workgroup name or allowing you to change.  Figured I’d put this up here in case someone else like me is searching.

FWIW, I did change the workgroup name on my computer and on the wdtv, but like I said, I don’t think it had any effect because as soon as I clicked “This is a home computer…” it showed up.  But, I changed my PC and WDTV to: WORKGROUP-NEW.

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What if you manually configure the network settings of your WDTV Live Plus in order to ensure it is using the proper network path?

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I use all static IP’s on my network and reserve them all within the router’s DHCP.  It’s something to do with the E2000 not doing microsoft networking.  

This thread got it to work just by changing domain name

That didn’t work for me, my solution was different cause I changed the network ID.