[Live Plus] Two simple questions about configuration

Hello! I’ve just bought a Live Plus and i have this two doubts regarding config & setting. I hope you can help me, it’s really simple i guess. These are:

a) My LCD TV  isn’t Full HD (it’s max res. is 1366 x 768), so when setting “video output”, i chose " 720p 50Hz". Is it right?

b) When setting “HDMI deep color mode”, I came across with this two options: 8 (default one) or 12. I changed it to 12 bit. Is this ok?

That’s all, thanks!!

PD: my Live Plus is running fw 1.03.29_B. Is there any newer available?

a) That’s fine although you can also leave it at “auto” and if you are connected via HDMI the handshaking *should* select the right format for your set.

b) Leave it at 8bit – there ARE no 12bit sources so it doesn’t make any difference (although you can leave it at 12 if you care – won’t affect anything one way or the other).

Thanks!! :smiley: