Live Plus stops mid-movie

I’ve seen a new behavior on my Live Plus that has me worried. It has randomly started “crashing” mid-movie. The screen goes black and there is no sound. I can stop the video, but when I restart it, the loading icon stays on the screen and nothing happens. The only way to get menu control back is to unplug it. This behavior seems to be random.

The files I’m watching are M2TS remuxes that I’ve done using ClownBD. No encoding or reprocessing other than a remux of the original BD. The files are on a 1TB USB drive connected directly to the Plus.

Anyone else experiencing this? The last time it occurred I left the unit unplugged for several minutes before I restarted it.

If this behavior continues, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take it back and seriously consider the Dune Base player.



Are these files that previously played without issue?


They were both new files.

After restarting the Plus, I forwarded to just before the spot the unit crashed and resumed each movie. They finished with no further problems.