Live Plus, Live Hub and Network Shares

I have had this configuration for a while, but as of late, I cannot get it to work. I have a WD TV Live Plus in one room, connected with a Belkin USB wireless network adapter. It does Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc., with no issues, so I know that it is online. In the adjacent room, I have a WD TV Live that’s hardwired via ethernet to my Belkin router; connected to that one I have a 1TB WD Elements HDD. When I am using the Live Plus, I can very rarely see the Live as a network share - usually it will not show any network shares. In the instances that I can see the Live as a network share, 9 times out of 10 it will either say there is no media in the current folder or this content cannot be accessed. I don’t have any passwords set up, and I have a MacBook running OS X Mavericks. I have made sure that everything is on the same workgroup (MSHOME) but still, nothing. I have seen other posts about the Master Browser, and how one is designated as the Master Browser, but none of those that I have seen ever speak to how to fix this in a Mac environment. Help!

This should be a matter of determining if the problem is regarding the master browser and/or if there’s and issue with your setup.

Try some of the suggestions provided by TonyPh12345 on the following link:

Even if you have a Mac there is some troubleshooting ideas that might be helpful.