Live Plus Categories

Hi All,

 Live Plus, Win 7 Ultimate, Wireless USB. My question 1 is, should WDTVLIVDEPLUS show as its own Network? My second question is when I share a folder I do it as follows, right click>share with homegroup. When I go to the Wd I see the folder I just shared in all the categories. Example, My Videos, shows in Videos, Photo and Music. Dont really want that, pretty sure thta is why there is seperate categories… What am I doing wrong?

Thank You…

Don’t understand your first question.

HOMEGROUPS are not supported.

And yes, if folders are shared, they will appear in all categories.  

 Categories really only apply to DIRECTLY attached disks, not network disks.  The WD doesn’t know what kind of media are in your folders, so it will show all media in all categories.

The BROWSER view is different for each, though…