Live or Gen 2 performance

Just boughta wd tv mini and notcied its really good at FF and RW on my home movies of the family but the old wd tv jumps around all over teh show.

whats the Live or gen 2 like for video playback and FF and RW more inportantly ? is it liek the mini ?

I don’t have anything to compare it to. 

The FF and RW is rather disagreeable when looking at MKV files.   For DVDs it does fine.

“For DVDs it does fine.” …  So its doesnt jump around i mean you can FFW and RW to an exact point with out it jumping ?

Well, not to an exact FRAME, but it works pretty much the same as my Philips DVD players and my LG Bluray player…  It doesn’t have Slow-motion / Frame by Frame modes like they do, though…

sorry not frame by frame but to teh nearist second or so ?

Thanks for the info !