Live Hub 'wiped' ext. USB drive

Nice bit of kit I’ve gotta say. But when I connected my 750GB Maxtor OneTouch 4 to the either the front or rear USB port on the Live Hub, it wouldn’t detect it.  Ok I thought, I’ve only just taken the Live Hub out of the box and set it up - let me just plug in my other ext. USB drive.  Hey presto, no problem.  Mmm… I then connected the Maxtor to my laptop and it tells me: If you want to use this drive, you need to format it first.  So now all 750GB of my favorite movies on the Maxtor is gone. I know I could use some HDD data recovery software, but that’s not the point.  The point is that just by plugging the Maxtor drive into the Live Hub, it got ‘wiped’.

Given that there’s no-turning-back once you plug in a drive to the Live Hub, this post is really an FYI.

Rod :wink:

Rod:   Just an “FYI”  Question.  ;)  

Did you EJECT the drive before unplugging it?   Was the Hub compiling the media library when you did this?

When I plugged in the drive that was detected by the Live hub, I was asked whether I wanted to sync and copy the files to the local drive.  I took this as a successful detection of the drive by the Live Hub.

Earlier, when I plugged in the Maxtor, I didn’t receive any such message.  I assumed this meant it wasn’t detected.  I’m also assuming that there was no compiling going on.  The Maxtor was plugged in for 30 minutes before I simply pulled out the cable. During the 30 minutes the Live Hub showed no indication (compiling or otherwise) that it knew the Maxtor was in.

Actually, I wasn’t aware that there is a function on the Hub that allows you to ‘eject’ a drive…  How is this done? I don’t want to sound like a numbnuts, but I did check.

Thanks for your help on this BTW.


While I can’t say for certain that the Hub DIDN’T wipe your USB drive,  it sounds to me like it was wiped BEFORE it was plugged in, thus why it wasn’t recognized.

The Hub doesn’t mess with the Partition table, which is what sounds like got messed up.

Anyway, look at your remote.   There’s a button there marked EJECT.   

the EJECT button on the remote control is locatedat the lower right position of the remote, at the bottom of the numbers pad.

plus, once you synced your external drive to youe hub, the hub will tell you that it will ‘un-mount’ the external drive so no need to press the Eject button


make sure your external drives that you sync with the hub has an NTFS file format…

hope this helps