Live Hub Web UI

I cannot seem to login to the UI I have tried EI and Firefox, wired and wireless IP address and all I get is cannot find server, any help is appreciated, thanks

Use the IP address of the Hub.



or whatever the address is.

I was, there 2 different ones, wired and wireless that I got through the network settings in the Hub.

There shouldn’t be two…  Only one interface is active at the same time.

Can you PING the IP address sucessfully?

Really there should only be 1, I tried it again and there is 2 when I try tp pick up the settings automatically from wired and wireless. It is always the same IP address, the same 1 comes up for wired and the same 1 comes up for wireless no matter how many times I try. I am not positive on how to ping the addresses to check them.

And what address is it assigning?

The fact that it’s getting the same address for Wired and Wireless is a problem.   DHCP servers should NEVER assign the same IP address to two different interfaces.

to PING them, open up a CMD window in your windows box and enter the command:

ping [ip address of your hub]



Sorry I new I said that wrong it is 2 different IP’s but they are the same 2 when ever I try like whenever I try wired it is always and when ever I try wireless it is always

Well, that’s good.  That means they’re getting presumably GOOD IP addresses, meaning the network IS working.

So, can you ping them?

What’s the password for the web gui?

It is :


yes I can ping the wireless

Since the ping worked on the wireless IP, I’d try disconnecting the wired connection, hard reset (unplug power for 10 seconds).  After restarting, try the web GUI again through the wireless IP.

I’m not sure how the web-server works on the Hub, but it might be ‘binding’ to one connection (e.g. wired) which prevents any connections via the other (e.g. wireless).  This is a wild guess, since I’m only using a wired connection, but I’ve seen similar problems in other network appliances.  It’s sort-of first-come, first-serve.

You could also try repeating the steps with only the wired interface connected. 

If you have both available, I would think you’d be much better off using only the wired connection.  If you have wired devices, you’ll want them to access the Hub via your wireless router.