Live Hub strange issue


sometimes when I’m watching a tv show (usually in sd) the Hub “go back” to navigation menù while I can still hear the audio in background. I have to push ok button on the remote to continue.
When I’m watching a full hd movie this issue is more frequent but it’s impossible to continue and I have to power off the Hub (removing power cable, because the Hub is stuck).
I have latest firmware installed.

Recently my hub began doing the same thing. Can you checo ruis please wd?

Edit: nos it says alo my files are not supported avi, mkv… Anyone have a clue?

Would be interesting to know in which view mode this error occurs. Gallery View, List View, Thumbnail View, Preview mode?

Can you reproduce the error with the same file and does it occur with other files or always the same ones? It could be bad encoding of the file

In my case, List View…

(it’s only an example)

The error occurs on different SD files, I have only one 1080p file and in this case it occurs ALWAYS after 15-20 min of playing.