Live Hub not updating available files on network connected hard-drive

I have a 1TB MyBookWorld that is connected to my network via ethernet.  It works fine on my Live Plus media player but when I add files to the MyBook, the Live Hub doesn’t update the list of available files.  How do I refresh what it sees on the network?  Is there a way to do this automatically?


Are you connecting via network shares? Have you tried refreshing the media library by going into deep standby on the hub (press the standby button for over 3 seconds) and then turning the hub back on.

Cool thanks.  It worked.

Is there another option other than rebooting?  My old Live TV Plus model doesn’t require a reboot to see what’s on a network share.

The plus doesn’t use a media library, so it’s different. You can turn off the media library and get the same results as the Plus. Or you can turn it off and back on to get it to refresh.