Live Hub not showing all folders

I have the Live Hub with 1 tb of internal storage. I have to external drives connected to the Live Hub via USB.  I have been having problems with one of the external drives. Live Hub is not recognizing the folder on the drive that contains the media  files but shows all the other folders on the drive that do not contain media files. I can map to that drive from any computer in my home and access that folder but it does not show up in the Live Hub. Now I have accessed that folder before without a problem and then I started noticing that when I added media to that folder the new items were not recognized by the the Live HUB. So I ejected and removed the external USB drive, cleared media library and then recycled the Live Hub. After the hub came back up, it was not even recognizing that folder even existed. It shows all other folder on drive but not on that contain media. Its strange because I could see and access it before on the hub and I can still access that folder via my computers.

Very strange. If anyone has a remedy please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help that is given.

Let me clarify. I have two external drives connected to the live hub. One drive shows all folders OK. Second drive shows only the folders that do not contain media files. It does not show the one folder that is named “Media” that contains media files and folders. It used to show up but now it has disappeared. I can get access to it from my computers by mapping to it while it is connected to the hub.

I thought my earlier explanation was somewhat confusing.

This happens to me also, from time to time

2 things i do …

1: Delete a file off the drive (make sure you have a backup of it) … this should cause the hub to compile and recognize the missing folder.

2: rename the folder that is not showing on the Live Hub  eg. from “Media”  to  “Media2”

And wait 30secs for the front led on the hub to flash as it compiles the content of the “new” folder.

if it doesent start flashing after a couple of mintues … copy a new file to hub eg. a jpg,mp3 etc

Later when you have time rename “Media2” back to “Media” and repeat the procedure

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Thanks Joey. I will definitely try that.