Live Hub network shares

I have 2 questions / issues.

1.) I have a networked box with mass storage of media files with various shared folders accessible across my network.  When I try to connect the Live Hub to a network share, all that I see is the server name not the shared folders.  I can attach the server but don’t want all of the media available on the Live Hub.  Am I assuming something I shouldn’t?  Does Live Hub not see the actual shares?

2.) Network sync vs. Media Library.  It seems that the sync function offers the same functionality as the media library without the compile issues.  However, the sync function simply copies the files from whatever network share onto the local hard drive.  Hardly practical when you have a server share more that 1TB of data.  Shouldn’t the sync function simply create a pointer array and leave the data on the network share?  It appears to work just like Rsync in doing a background copy.


  1.  When you SELECT the server from the SERVER list, you will be prompted to log on.   Provide the correct credentials.  If you’re expecting GUEST login, then use the default username / password provided (which is “anonymous” and no password.)   After you provide the correct credentials, the Hub will then show you each share.

  2.  Two totally different things.    A Network Sync just copies files over from one place or another to the Hub’s internal drive.   If you don’t want the files on the local HD, then don’t use Sync.   If you’re using NAS, then just set your VIDEO (or whatever) Content Source to your NAS.


Just want to thank you for the quick response but I guess I need to delve into this a bit more.  Not at home to work on this right now, but don’t remember the server option and log on.  Have to look into it tonight.



Again thanks for the feedback.  I think I was expecting something which is not.  For reference I am on firmware 2.04.13.  There is nowhere to SELECT from a SERVER list other than …

When in “Videos”, “Select Content Source” there are 3 options: Local Share, Network Share and Media Server.  When I choose Network Share I am offered the names of all computers on my net.  By selecting the name of the NAS I would then expect to choose which “share(s)” I wish to access for Videos through the Live Hub.  What I’m actually given is a “folder” view of the “share(s)” on that machine.  All of the shares.

Not what I was expecting.  Why do I want to see photo shares or music shares while in the “Videos” section of the GUI ?  Am I missing something here?  I have tried both a FreeNas box and a XP box as source with the same results.  I noticed in another post that the NAS or network source should be the Master Browser, and made changes to that effect but with no apparent difference.

Thanks for any assistance.

jpelmer wrote:

What I’m actually given is a “folder” view of the “share(s)” on that machine.  All of the shares.


Not what I was expecting.  Why do I want to see photo shares or music shares while in the “Videos” section of the GUI? 

That’s the way it works.   You don’t get to “Select” which shares you want.

However, you will NOT see PHOTO or MUSIC shares under VIDEO unless those shares have VIDEO files in them.

In other words, VIDEO will show you ALL shares that have VIDEO files in them.

AUDIO will show you ALL shares that have AUDIO files in them.

PHOTO will show you ALL shares that have PHOTO files in them.

Seems to be a major flaw in the system. 

Becasue I have .jpg files in a movie share, that FOLDER shows up under PHOTOS or if I have music video files in a music share it shows up under VIDEOS or I have a tutorial video mixed in with text files or spreadsheets, my General Text share shows up under Videos etc.  I really should be able to choose what content is available to the individual MEDIA “folders”.  Think Media Center or XBMC where you CHOOSE which “shares” or “folders” appear in which media catagory rather than the system AUTOMATICALLY lumping folders based on content.

Needs a little work I think.

Thanks for the feedback.

I was just getting ready to post the same issues/questions.  It makes no sense. 

I have 2 NAS’s on my network (Freenas and Iomega Home Media).  I can see and select either from the Network Share menu but only the Iomega shows up in the Media Server menu.  If I select it from the Media Server menu then things look a little better but when I go into the Movies section none of movie images or xml files work.  If I select the server from the Network Share menu I see all shares (including external drives that are connected to the NAS).  But at least I can see all the movie info this way. 

The problem is that I have backup drives connected to the NAS that I do not want to show in the Videos, Music, Photos sections.  I need to look more into the Iomega management tool to see if there is some way to have these not seen on the network.  This still does not fix the main issue that the OP brought up.  Having all the wrong shares showing up in the wrong sections.

Hopefully they will add a feature in a future update to be able to manage the shares that show in each section.

I did find that by changing the sort feature from “Folders” to anythinig else eliminates the extranious folders showing in the various media selections.  However, that does not eliminate the actual shares from being available.  Need to see if different users can have different access.  I’ll have to try that.

I think a lot of it has to do with the compiling issues.  I have noticed that sometimes I turn it on and everything in the Videos and Music section looks perfect.  Other times I turn it on and there are all the extra folders.  I think it is because the compiling process is so buggy  and slow. 

I just have to be sure to keep ONLY video in the video shares and ONLY music in the music shares.  I think that is possible but the photos are going to be the biggest problem because you have to have photos for the album art and moviesheets.  I am thinking I will keep the photos on the local drive and have all my music and videos on the NAS drive.  That way the photos will only be pulled from the local drive. 

I hope they someday offer a better solution that will allow us to manage what goes where.