Live Hub maximum bitrate?


I am seriously thinking about buying this device but wanted to clarify something before purchasing.

I am making various home movies of the family using an HD camcorder and will mainly be storing them on the internal hard drive to play but may sometimes stream them. I hate the thought of compressing the films too much so I tend to max out the bitrate when encoding.

A typical file of mine will be in WMV format with 5.1 audio, 1920 x 1080 with an average bitrate between 50-70mbps.

Do you think the Live Hub will be ok?

I am currently streaming my files via an Xbox 360 and it does stutter every so often.

Thanks for your help.

No, I don’t.   70 mbps is completely out of line for the ability to play 1920x1080p video.  

That’s DOUBLE the bitrate of the typical Bluray.

Thanks for the reply.

I guessed I was probably being a bit optimistic in hoping the Live Hub would be able to handle the high bitrate. Its a shame as I really like the look of this device.

Maybe I will just have to bite the bullet and start lowering the quality of my videos.

I’m sure you wont see any difference.

If a full Bluray movie on a 50Gb Bluray disk is ripped, the size is usually 25-34 Gb at best. (for the main movie itself)

By the time you remove DTS-MA audio, its down to about 20-28Gb-ish, and the quality is as good as it is.

I’m pretty sure you could lower your bitrate to 25-35 Mbs and not see any difference at all.

I’ve got a JVC HD demo which is 60 hz 32 mbit rate, it stutters quite a bit playing it locally from the hub, so I don’t think your videos will play well without reducing the bitrate!

My suggestion is that you create som samples at different bitrates to see what you will find acceptable!

Remember that camcorder movies usually are a bit grainy compared to professional movies, especially in dark scenes, so higher bitrates counts a lot more for camcorders!

well… which camcorder is recording 70mbps at full hd? :smiley: