Live hub+imac+pvr cannot see shares


i’ve been reading threads for weeks and cannot find anything that relates to my problem.

i have connected my mac which is running OS v10.6.8 snow leopard.

WDTV Live hub (obviously).

and a PVR in the form of a satellite reciever which is a VU+Duo which is linux based OS with a esata HDD formatted to ext3.

i can see the LIVE Hub and the PVR on the mac, and the relevent folders.

but on the LIVE HUB it’s a case of and/or by leaving the WORKGROUP as default in recognises the MAC only if i change the work group to IMAC it still see’s only that, then if i change the WORKGROUP to the PVR it will only recognise that.

is there some kind soul who can give a a way out of this nightmare:smiley:

thnaks & regards: canthackit

That makes sense.   You should set all the workgroups to be the SAME. 

Hi Tony

and thanks for the quick reply unfortunately the Sat Reciever dosn’t come with the option to name a workgroup, as i say the only way i can get it recognised is to rename the workgroup.

just had a thought…unless you mean for me to rename the unit from VU+Duo to workgroup?

other than that there is no way to set it to workgroup.

regards: canthackit

Hi again

can you please tell me where i can find out what my workgroup name is?

regards: canthackit