Live Hub & DVDfab

I have movies ripped with DVDfab (main movie only). I transfer them to my 2tb seagate. Sync the 2tb with the hub. The hub is connected to my tv in the bedroom. When I go to my Sony BDP s370 in the living room, I can stream all the movies except certain titles. All of the movies are in video_ts folders and I can see the .vobs on the ones that will play. When I get to a title that will not play, I get “there is no playable file” and I don’t see any of the .vob’s (even though I know there are .vob files in those folders).

The funny thing is all movies will play fine in the bedroom straight off the hub.

some titles that will not stream:

Resident Evil Afterlife

Grown Ups

A Christmas Carol

Any thoughts???


I save all my files as  .iso and have not had any problems

Yeah, ISOs are for sure the way to go. In DVDFAB you have that option. When you open it up you see source and target. On the right side of target you see a file folder and then a cd on top of a paper button. Click on that… Thats basically asking where you want to save your iso file. 

ISO does a good job in keeping the integrity of the file and plays smoothly on your hub. I have all my dvds in iso format. One file for one movie. It keeps menus, chapters, etc… 

Hopefully that helps. If not, repost!

Not only are .iso image files easier to play but if you want to get the original DVD format back then you just open them up with a zip program.

I use 7-Zip which is free.

When I rip them to .ISO’s, they will play fine on the hub but will not play at all through my Sony Blue Ray player.

I just don’t want to buy a WD media player for the living room when I can connect to the Hub through the Sony over the network.

So are you saying that its the blu ray player that will not play your vobs?

Yes…with the blue ray player streaming from the Hub. 

It will see and play 90% of them, but certain titles when you get to the video folder, it doesn’t see the vob’s even though they are in there. They are all ripped with DVDFab. Main movie only.

Hi amigo.

Someone shared this tip with me earlier and it worked for me and I hope it does for you.

Have DVDFab either copy the DVD (VIDEO_TS and requisite files in that folder) or make an .iso but include everything… The FBI Warning, the previews, the ads and see if that makes a difference.  The WDTVLH is very particular sometimes about the rip.

I hope this works for you.  Let us know.