Live hub can't find Hauppauge 950Q

I unplugged LH… connected 950Q with included USB cable… connected included antenna to the 950Q

Plugged in LH, powered on.

950Q blue light is on.

Go to Live TV menu, select Hauppauge – get message saying ‘WinTV application requires a Hauppauge TV tuner’.

So the tuner card is not found.

Same as if the 950Q is not even connected.

Any ideas?



Yeah, it says that all the time even if it is plugged in.  For me, I have to wait at that screen as much as 30 seconds (guessing) for it to proceed.

Thanks Tony.

It’s been sitting at that ‘requires a tuner’ screen for over 1/2 hour.  No change.

Something else I need to do to make it go on to next screen?


Try these… 

Try the other USB port.

try WITHOUT the USB extension.

Will try all combinations thanks.  Back in a minute.


No luck.

Plugged 950Q direct into front USB.  nope.

Tried with extension cable into front and rear, nope.

Changed to a known good external antenna (although I wouldn’t think that would affect the boot) - nope.

I appreciate your help.  Seems something is wrong if it should just automatically boot up.


Sorry, but to employ a colloquialism, “I got nothin’.”

No worries thanks for your help Tony.

I’ll try the card on a PC and see if can narrow it down.


Try resetting player to factory defaults and then having another go with the tuner.

Hey Rich, just saw your post, thanks for the input.

Will try resetting in a bit.


Resetting LH did not work either.

Still does not recognize the tuner.

Will try in a PC and see what happens.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.