Live Hub and NAS

I just purchased a NAS , DNS 320 and have a few questions.

I can find the 320 via the HUB by going to select source and choosing Network storage and the finding my movies.

Is there anyway to always have the NAS listed as a source as if it was an attached usb… ie when browsing Videos folder it would list the internal hub drive and the NAS.

2nd when I look at the movies on the nas and I hit info I am not given the option to scan…any idead why?  Would like to apply movies sheets etc with these also.

I’ve just recently bought this machine, and I also find it very strange that one can’t map a external source (using smb or dlna) and have them displayed in some sort of list. It is a pain to have to go through the select source path to change server (and I don’t think I’ll ever be able explain why this is needed to the rest of the family). Very awkward.

The ability to scan movies on the nas is supposed to come in a firmware upgrade I think (read that somewhere). I hope that update will arrive ‘soon’.


Hi both

yes this function would be great… I hope it will come in a firmware update soon…

up until now I have set my movies folder on the NAS as a “favourite”… so that pressing the dashboard button and selecting the favourites then the movies folder, reduces the number of steps to get to the movies on the NAS. 

however I am able to scan for content on the NAS today (and you should also). you just need to go to each and every content location and scan it, then wait for the library to be built… it is slow and there should also be an auto scanning function added… but until then it gets by…