Live hub and errors with VUZE

I have the WD Live Hub media player. I’m using VUZE on a Windows PC running Vista to download media. I’ve got the destination folder for VUZE set to the media player’s disk so that downloaded media go directly to the media player. I do this so that I don’t have to transfer from the PC to the media player once the download is complete. With this setup, I frequently get the error ‘DISK READ ERROR : FILE NOT FOUND’ as files are being downloaded. I have to ‘Stop’ the download and ‘Queue’ it to restart it. Can anyone assist with this ?


Wayne Hann

Here’s an alternative: download ur stuff to the local drive then, when the download is complete,  have Vuze transfer the finished files to the Hub. Got to tell you, though, I’ve had trouble w this one, too! But your luck may vary. You can set this up in options. Look for this choice under the file section. 

Thanks for the suggestion. I ended up doing something like that by saving the VUZE downloads to the local hard disk in the computer. It doesn’t seem to hang at all using that method. Although the big files take a long time to download, at least they download without VUZE interruption. When I was trying to send them directly to the hub, they would frequently hang. Now when the files are downloaded to the hard drive, I then transfer them manually to the hub. Not ideal, but more stable and reliable.


Wayne Hann

I had the same problem and ended up with the same answer. Lots of issues downloading directly from Vuze to a drive attached to a WD box. Infact, I later found out that many of the things I did download, were pretty messed up and did not verify correctly when I tested the checksums with TLH. When I re-set them up to DL the remainder in some situations Vuze would check it and find the the torrent was only 30-40% complete and the rest was garbage. very frustrating, so now I just do as stated above and DL to a server running Vuze and move the files over after they are complete… and now I always verify with the FFP or MD5 file the is generally included with the torrent.