Live Hub Access from Windows XP

Hi All

Hope you might be able to help with what seems to be a tricky network access issue.  I have a netgear router and a netgear range extender in my home network.  I connect my new WD TV Live Hub to the range extender via ethernet cable and most of my media is on my home desktop pc which is connected wirelessly to the router.  The Live Hub is connecting happily to the internet via a static ip that I have assigned (you tube etc).  The problem is that whilst trying to browse to the default network share on the live hub from my PC, it sees the device in the workgroup, but gives a permissions error when I try and drill down into the device.

I have done the following to try and trouble shoot this:

  1. Connected directly from a Windows 7 laptop via the range extender, this sees the live hub and you can browse/copy files etc.
  2. Moved the live hub to connect directly to the router via cable - windows desktop sees the files no problem.
  3. Confirmed that the laptop when connected to the range extender, can browse and copy files on the desktop pc (fundamentally the range extender is exposing the full network)
  4. I have managed to copy most of my files to the live hub now directly via the router, but don’t want to have to do this moving forward.

I had initially come to the conclusion that the PC was driving the permissions issue, but can’t see how it can be if I can get access when I take the range extender out of the equation.

Any troubleshooting tips or assistance gratefully received.



Wow - how convenient .

I am having exactly the same issue and I’m getting quite annoyed actually. I thought that this device was a NAS device (as well as the media player). Thus I am running XP and I cannot even open the wd live hub on the network window. All it does is open up windows media player, which means I cannot wirelessly transfer/copy files from my wireless laptop to my live hub. So I think we are both having the same issues and perhaps its related to XP.

I would also be very grateful for people to come back and explain why I can’t just drag and drop stuff. (I have the hub connected to the wireless router with access to internet too. My Laptop connects to the wireless router and I can see the hub on my pc but I can’t access it like you would a normal NAS or internal storage device. Any ideas?