Live hub 3.05.10 and virgin superhub - problem when booting up


Had the issue where the WD TV live hub kept rebooting when using the virgin superhub.

So carried out the know sort of fix, of increasing the UPnP to 1440, and this has resolved the random reboots.

However, when I turn on the WD hub,

  1. the WD LED Light Control comes on (I have the setting set to always off)

  2. I see WD loading screen

3. The WD hub turns itself off

  1. It then loads

  2. The media library recompiles itself

If I am not connected to the virgin superhub network, the WD hub loads without issue.

I have tried turning of UPnP but the same reboot steps occured above.

I have the lastest version of the hub, 3.05.10

Anyone got any ideas what I need to adjust / turn off on the superhub to stop this occuring?

Thanks in advance.

Also, couldn’t see any errors in the logs in advance setting screen of the virgin superhub

It’s not rebooting itself.  It’s the 2nd half of the reboot.

The Video output resets in the middle of the bootup sequence.

But the sequence is completely different if I am or am not cnnected to the network.

Plus if I am copying files to the hub and I turn the hub on (obviously conected to the network). The connection to the wd hub is losted and my transfer fails. This never used to happen when turning the hub on when connected to my network


Hi TonyPh12345,

Could this video reset, also cause the Video Output of HDMI to change it’s settings?

It haas changed to 480p 60Hz, just changed to (on reboot) 720p 60Hz.

Used to work fine (on previous version) on 1080p 60Hz, and does when I select it.

Has this video reset, been introduced as part of 3.05.10? As I have never had this issue before?