Live HD Plus won't play .avl?

My “WD TV HD Media Player Plus” for some reason stopped allowing me to stream “*.AVI” files.

Model: WBDABX0000

Firmware Version: WD TV Live Plus 1_06_42_B

It was working fine but when I try and play them now I keep getting the following error “unable to play the selected file. Please see the user manual for a list of supported file formats.

Any help would be appreciated.


I felled to ask, what would be the best movie format to use?

Thanks again!!


Do you mean that you used to play these files and now you can’t or are they new avi files that you can’t play. As AVI is a container when it may be that the player cannot play the codecs within the AVI.

Have you tried a reset to factory defaults.

Have are you playing the files, via the network or directly with  a connected drive.

Your video formats are probably just fine. I have been having this same issue recently, for some unknown reason.

To fix, I went into Settings–> Network Settings–> Network Setup, chose Manual.  I did not change any Manual settings, I just clicked Save. Then the files played again. I’ve had to do this a few times.  One time, this trick did not work until I turned the device off and on, and then saved Manual settings.

What’s weird is that I could access and browse network folders and files fine, but then I’d get that Selected File Format error. There was no sign of any network problems, but resetting network seemed to fix it.

If you are having USB problems, not sure this will help.

It seemd to work. Thanks!!!